Commercial Job #3

Grayco Home Center, Hilton Head Island, SC

  • Award Price: $868,643
  • Architect: Court Atkins Group, Inc.
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build

Grayco Home Center Hilton Head Island was a project that entailed converting a former Food Lion into a retail space for Grayco Hardware. The project included a 100% HVAC replacement and up fit. Five 20-ton package units were installed on the roof. Four of these units were utilized for the shopping area and the other one was used to condition the offices and storage space used by the staff. The complete renovation included stripping all sheetrock and framing, followed by a full replacement of all perimeter and partition walls within the space. The project included replacing all LED lights within the space to meet the needs expressed by the customer.

Two bathrooms needed to be refurbished including all sinks, toilets, and ventilation systems. A break room was installed which included all new plumbing and casework. The existing flooring was VCT which once removed exposed concrete that needed to be floated and leveled to allow a new sealed concrete flooring system. The roof repairs involved cutting in new curbs to accommodate the new air conditioning system. These curbs required structural steel frames to be welded to the existing bar joists. We have remained a close partner with this client and the other projects that we’ve completed for them are detailed below.