Commercial Job #4

Grayco Home Center, Ridgeland, SC

  • Award Price: $645,000
  • Architect: AAG Architects
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build

Grayco Home Center Ridgeland involved repurposing an empty warehouse for use as a hardware store. A prime component of the project was the installation of a new storefront which included a new portico awning for customer convenience and comfort. The existing building conditions required the installation of an all new HVAC system throughout the entire structure. Along with installing all new partition walls to create a retail environment, Mitchell Brothers completed all cosmetic finishes within the building.

The partitions within the building were installed to create the full retail sales floor and also to establish office space, break rooms, and storage in the rear of the building. The existing parking lot outside of the warehouse proved to be inadequate and decrepit, which led to us expanding and resurfacing the parking lot to allow parking for large numbers of retail customers. The scope of the interior renovation included not just painting, but also an all new flooring and lighting system throughout. Adjacent to the renovated structure, a new lumber yard was installed complete with lumber racks, scales, and offices for sales purposes.