Commercial Job #5

Grayco Ladys Island Showroom/Corporate Home Office Renovations

  • Award Price: $550,000
  • Architect: 3HW Architecture & Design
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build

The Grayco Showroom/Corporate Office renovation began with the demolition of 6,500 sq.ft. of outdated space within the Grayco cabinet showroom. The space was repurposed to include both a new showroom in the front of the building and a full corporate office space in the rear of the structure.

This scope of work involved a new series of partition walls and wood doors to establish a new corporate headquarters. This new office space included the president of the firm’s personal office. An all new HVAC system was installed throughout the new addition to accommodate the repurposed space. New egresses were cut into the building in order to meet all modern safety codes. In addition to an electrical up fit throughout the space, an all new LED lighting system was installed to meet client needs in the new showroom. Grayco is a long term business partner of ours and we look forward to working with them in the future.