Medical Job #1

Ruth Field Medical Center, Okatie, SC

  • Award Price: $5,633,126
  • Architect: AAG Architects
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build

This was a government-funded project through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The project involved constructing a new 24,000 square ft.facility which now serves as the main clinic for Beaufort-Jasper-Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc., a privately owned organization that provides comprehensive health care to surrounding counties.

The building constructed per the contract is structural steel framed building with metal stud infill, built slab on grade. The brick veneer exterior also included portions of EIFS and a cast stone band around the entire building. The roof is comprised of light gauge metal trusses around the exterior with standing seam metal roof panels with a built up roof system in the center of the building that holds the mechanical equipment.
Mechanically, a state-of-the-art variable flow refrigerant system was installed by us with dedicated outdoor air units and exhaust fans ducted to the roof. Electrically, the entire building was wired with energy efficient lighting, full data com, fire alarm, and nurse call station. The site work for the project included new asphalt driveways and parking areas, pervious concrete and parking areas and all new utilities for the medical center.

Mitchell Brothers installed the entire new mechanical system for the medical facility. The variable flow refrigerant system included multiple runs of refrigerant piping throughout the building. In addition, two large outside air units were ducted in to serve the building. Mitchell Brothers also installed over 50 doors and hardware sets and put in custom wooden window sills at over 40 window locations. Mitchell Brothers’ crews painted the entire new 24,000 square ft. facility to include all the walls, doors and trim.

The entire 24,000 sq. ft. facility was built on the same site as the existing clinic. The building was constructed while the old clinic remained in operation less than 20 feet away. Upon completion of the new construction, the old building was abated and demolished, and a full size parking lot was built in its place. With so many people in and out of the facility, and their being so close to the ongoing work, appropriate safety measures were taken and performed by both the contractor and the owner. Clinical operations were uninterrupted throughout the project.