Medical Job #2

Naval Hospital Full Roof Replacement, Naval Hospital, Port Royal, SC

  • Award Price: $4,729,655
  • Architect:
  • Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build

The Naval Hospital Full Roof Replacement consisted of a complete re-roof of a 7 story building with 53 individual roofs which totaled 88,000 sq.ft. of roofing to be demolished and replaced. The original project design consisted of full removal of the existing bitumen roofing system including the lightweight sloped concrete beneath. Within the first week it became apparent that this method had too high of an impact on the occupied spaces beneath and a decision was made to utilize single ply TPO while leveling and revitalizing the existing light-weight concrete beneath. This method proved to be completely effective and the occupied spaces below were no longer affected by our work.

The project involved removing 10 roof-top air handling units to perform roofing replacement. After completing these roofing sections the air handling units were replaced using a crane. Temporary air was provided to all affected occupied spaces while the air handlers were removed. Despite the changes made early in the project, all deadlines were met and the project came in under budget when all was said and done.