Medical Job #3

Beaufort Memorial Hospital Endoscopy Suite, Beaufort, SC

  • Award Price: $236,000
  • Architect: Novus Architects, Inc.
  • Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build

On this project Mitchell Brothers was acting as a subcontractor to cover the scope of work including all plumbing and mechanical up fits required by the job. This HVAC system was an intricate roof top, chill water, and steam trap that was capable of smoke evacuation and air flushing of the occupied medical space. The curb for this unit had to be cut through the existing roof and braced to structural steel between the existing bar joists.

The plumbing scope included installing new head wall units in three different locations to deliver med-gas. Mitchell Brothers was also tasked with installing several floor sinks, along with a medical grade personnel handwashing station. The scope of work also included installing two sterilization cabinets for sterilizing surgical equipment using UV lighting.