Military Job #1

Repair Combat Training Pool, Building 6008, MCRD, Parris Island, SC

  • Award Price: $4,034,000
  • Architect: Glick-Boehm & Associates Inc.
  • Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build

The renovation of the Combat Training Pool included major changes to both the interior and the exterior of the existing structure. Phase I included the demolition of the old de-humidifiers, duct work, and the pool deck floor. A well point system was installed to allow for the draining of the 750,000-gallon pool. After removal of the pool top coat a new marcite finish was applied throughout the pool. In addition, Phase I included the installation of a fluid applied rubber flowing around the pool deck and epoxy was placed in all the showers and changing rooms.

Phase II was centered around the construction of a new mechanical yard to accompany the new, much louder de-humidification units. This work included extensive site work, the driving of timber pilings, utility reconfiguration, concrete, and masonry aspects. The new units were set and appropriately tied into the new spiral duct work that was installed during phase 1.