Military Job #3

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Trainer, Marine Corp Air Station, Beaufort, SC

  • Award Price: $1,079,832
  • Architect: Naval Southeast Logistics Center
  • Project Delivery: Design-Build

The scope of work for this project included demolition and modifications to the existing Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Trainer and incidental related work. Major areas of the ARFF that were affected included the fire pit, valve pit, wire pit and instructor control station. The main demolition included the removal of a large concrete fire pit and specific areas of curbing, water and fuel piping, and an electrical igniter system.

The major modifications to the ARFF Trainer included a new fire pit with a network of pipe trenches, new water and fuel piping throughout the trainer, new electrical igniter system, changes to the control panel, and a new instructor control station structure.

The existing aircraft mock-up was removed from the fire pit and all of the external plating (skin) on the wings, stabilizers and rudders (excluding fuselage) was removed and replaced. Warped or broken struts, structural members, piping, fittings, hardware and conduit were removed and replaced with like.

A new Instructor’s Control Stand structure for burn pit power and control equipment was provided. Structure was constructed of split faced CMU block with a standing seam metal hip roof system. New piping was provided to the existing backflow preventer and stop valve inside the new controls area.

The igniter transformers were relocated from the control stand to tile valve pit area. The transformers were installed into explosion proof boxes which were incorporated into the sloped fire pit concrete apron adjacent to the valve pit.