Military Job #9

Repairs to Building 6000, MCRD, Parris Island, SC

  • Award Price: $6,063,187
  • Architect: LS3P Associates LTD
  • Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build

This design-bid-build project involved a much needed full renovation and update to Building 6000, which had not been updated in 40 years and consists of over 70,000 square feet of multi-purpose uses. Building 6000 on MCRD Parris Island is where all of the incoming Marine Corps recruits are initially processed as they arrive for training at Parris Island to begin their lives as Marines. Building 6000 processes new recruits coming in on specific ship dates, generally weekly with some exceptions. The building had to remain in operation while the work was performed, taking into account ship dates and training needs. Initially, a new 30,000 sq. ft. modified bitumen roof was installed, ensuring that new finishes and equipment installed in the renovation were protected. Demolition and abatement of selective architectural items, including plaster ceilings, block walls, ACT ceilings, and flooring, was done to provide access to space for the installation of new MEP systems. New air handling units, selective VAV boxes, exhaust fans, and all associated ductwork were put in place, and these were attached to the building’s existing chillers. A full new energy efficient DDC was put in place, allowing Building 6000 to be fully available for control by Public Works at Parris Island. The four large recruit bathrooms and showers also were renovated with new plumbing and fixtures installed throughout. Electrically, all new electrical fixtures were installed within the entire building. After the MEP systems were roughed in, Mitchell Brothers installed new sheetrock ceilings and associated framing in all four of the large squad bays, and stucco ceilings in the bathrooms. In addition, the large shower areas received new ceramic tile, and there were multiple select areas of the building where new flooring was installed. Additionally, over 90% of the 70,000 sq. ft. building was painted.

Mitchell Brothers completed this project in its entirety while the building was occupied. The mission critical use of Building 6000, the processing and initial training of recruits, was carried on uninterrupted while the work was performed. We were able to work closely with NAVFAC MIDLANT and the customer not only to perform the work but also ensure the safety of the thousands of recruits that came through Building 6000 during the duration of the project.